Monday, December 15, 2014

6 months later...

So it's been about 6 months since my last post and I'm sad to say NO, we are NOT on the road. When we returned to Charlotte we settle back into the groove of living at home a bit to easily, however we remained motivated to get back on the road. It wasn't until August when all of that went out of the window when my graduate program informed me I HAD to complete a final course to continue moving through the PhD program. So plans changed and I stayed to finish that class. At the same time my job expectations changed and my schedule was not only not going to work for RVing but it required me on campus more than ever before. Plus, I met a guy that I was interested in getting to know (and he was not interested in RVing, so I had to make a choice). Anyway, enough of the excuses!

The kids and I are now sitting patiently at home figuring out our next move to get back on the road. I have started a massive debt payoff so when we hit the road that burden will not be so great. This kids are still working on minimizing their belongings. I'm trying to convince my guy to travel with us a little. But overall, we are all eager to hit the road again. We probably won't be full time anytime soon (I'm thinking 2016 before we can even begin really considering it), but we will be on the road from April through August (those are the months I'm done teaching) of every year from here on out until we do reach full time status.

As eager as we were to be on the road, it was really unfortunate that we did not get to follow our dream (yet). I just wanted to update those who were keeping up with us that our plans might have changed but our goal to be on the road has not. We'll see you out there soon!