Friday, April 25, 2014

14 days and counting

Today was my last day of class so that means only 14 days until the kids and I hit the road for the summer. I am nervous and excited but mostly nervous.  So much has been going on in life that I have not been focusing on our trip and it has snuck up on us.

Honey is in the shop now getting a once over by my mechanic just to make sure she's ready for the road. I hope to get her back on Monday and will begin packing and organizing her. I have made arrangements for my house while we are gone and chatted with a wireless company employee about my internet options on the road. All that's really left is getting the radio fixed in Honey and saying goodbye to all of our family and friends. That's not going to be easy, saying goodbye, but the kids and I HAVE to go. T minus 14 days...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Met a Wonderful fulltime RVing Family

Today the kids and I met an amazing full time RV family. They happened to be passing through the area and invited us for dinner at the RV park they were staying at.  They are truly inspirational. They showed me around their rig and helped me understand how things work. Their rig is amazing, a fifth wheel with two slide outs.  Compared to Honey it is a mansion. Dinner was amazing and we brought dessert (chocolate fondue). The kids played HARD and had a blast.  It was like they were in their natural element and made me all the more excited to hit the road ourselves. I chatted with the adults (another full time family joined us) and it was so awesome to sit outside under the stars and enjoy adult conversation while my children played nearby.

Unfortunately our night ended early when I received an emergency call about my mom but it turned out to be a TRUE emergency. I won't discuss personal family emergencies here but what turned started out as a perfect evening ended in a nightmare. I'm not sure how this will affect our pending leave date or our trip at all. I know the kids and I HAVE to make this trip... we have two, but our plans may change a bit in light of these new family circumstances. Stay tuned-