Sunday, September 20, 2015

Only Four Days!

Four days and counting. Four looooong days. That's 96 hours. 5,760 minutes. 

Not it's not 345,600 seconds until we launch but until we head back out on another short camping journey. Last weekend we took Sammie Blue out on her maiden camping voyage. It was absolutely amazing and I hated coming home. That was the longest drive back home that I have ever taken. 

The campground resort was spectacular (so wonderful that we ended up becoming members) but wasn't the resort that made the trip phenomenal. It was being in my element. You see, I'm nomadic. I was not meant to live and thrive in a single space and these last 30+ years have been hard for me. Being out with Sammie Blue and my kids just felt right. It wouldn't have mattered where we were to be honest. It just feels good being on the road and moving about with my house on my back. 

So in four days we will head back out...On the open road, our house on our back. This time we are taking our friends with us so they can enjoy the freedom of camping too. This will be a great time and a chance for us all to see how things will work when we launch in January. Did I mention that our friends are going on a part of that journey too?!? 

So just 335,600 seconds, only 5,760 minutes, a mere 96 hours, just  4 days until I'm back to being where I'm meant to be, where I find happiness. 

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