Friday, February 21, 2014

First Camping Trip of 2014: Barnyard Flea Market and RV Park (Day 1 and 2)

Day 1 (2/21): The kids and I attended an RV show today right before we headed out in our RV for a weekend trip... it was probably not the best idea to see all those luxurious RVs before we piled into our 89 Chevy lol but we are at our first camp site of the year and LOVING it. We can not wait until summer!

We are parked at the Barnyard in Lexington, SC. It is adjacent to the bug flea market.  The kids and I can not wait to go explore the flea market tomorrow. The site is within walking distance to restaurants and gas station, so that is nice.

We got here just before dark so I was in a rush to get everything set up.  There was a fiasco with the water.  Apparrantly all the faucets were open so when we plugged in the water and turned it on all the faucets started spouting smelly water everywhere.  Lesson learned ;-)

We got everything set up, except for the awning (I'm hoping some avid RVer somewhere in this park can help me tomorrow) and the kids are cozy watching a movie while I type this. 

I could really get used to this!!!

Day 2 (2/22):

Today was another wonderful day.  We slept in until about 8a before we got up and leisurely started our day. Once we were out the door I took care of a few maintenance things around the RV before we headed across the street to the flea market. We had a blast at the flea market and left out of there with a bunch of random things. The market really reminded us of shopping at the market in Kingston, JA. That same feeling of excite as we moved from vendor to vendor.

The kids survived about three hours before they said no more. We came back to our RV for lunch. We enjoyed some hotdogs and chips while we played a game of Life on our picnic table. After lunch we attempted to make s'mores. They were extremely messy but delicious. After we cleaned up our sticky, marshmallowy hands and faces we headed to the duck pond to feed the ducks, geeese, and turtles before we moved inside for a movie and some more games.  The big kids played chess while me and the little one played with the magnetic darts.

Dinner was fun as pulled the electric stove eyes out to the picnic tables.  It was wonderful fixing dinner outside while the kids played beside me. The temperature was perfect, the the scene was set, and I cooked the most amazing beanie weanies out in the open air that we have ever tasted.  We also met several of our "neighbors" as many other families were enjoying the same weather and scenery we were. It was simply amazing and all I could think was I could definitely do this full time. 

We sat outside until the sun went down, then we pulled out our lantern and continued to enjoy the night air. Once it got so cold that we were shivering we decided to call it a night and relocated to the RV for the night. I am sitting here now enjoying a movie and this warm electric mattress pas as the kids doze off one by one... two down, one to go.

Tomorrow our plan is to finish the rest of the flea market that we didn't get to today and then hit the road toward home.  It's gonna take all of my strength to not pass home and just keep driving into a my life of full time RVing. I still have this summer to look forward to though :-)

on our way to the flea market... the kids reluctantly stopping to say cheese with the sun in their face

hot dogs over a game of life


s'more fun

and even s'more fun ;-)

a little light housekeeping after lunch

some indoor games

play time while the beanie weanies cook
So proud that he climbed that tree all by himself

outdoor cooking at its finest ;-)

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