Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We drove and we drove and we drove

We left our friends in MA yesterday and now I sit boondocking in a FLyingJ Pilot in Flatwood, WV. Don't let me mislead you... we didn't drive all of those 673 miles straight through. We had some awesome stops along the way. Yesterday we left the farm around 9a and arrived in Hyde Park, NY around noon. The kids and I toured FDR's home which was a great addition to our Great Depression into WWII studies. The home was/is beautiful and the museum was wonderful. While I thought the kids might be bored it was well worth the stop for all of us.  Since it was only lunch time when we left the FDR residence we decided to keep driving. We headed to our next destination of Scranton, PA to visit Steamtown. It was a rough ride for Honey. First, while going through a toll, I destroyed the step that I forgot to push in before we headed out. Many miles after that fiasco as I was descending down one of the many steep hills of PA a deer decided it wanted to step out and stand right in my lane. I did everything in my power not to hit it, including swerving and hitting my breaks so heard smoke rose from my tires. Maybe it was my daughter screaming "Mommy don't hit it" in a terrified voice, or the thought of what it would do to Honey (and us) if we hit it, or just not wanting to kill an innocent deer (okay maybe not this one as I cursed the deer after I stopped shaking) but I managed to maneuver just right and within inches of the deer before it decided to WALK away.  We didn't make it to Steamtown in time since they closed at 5p. We found a local WalMart to park at for the night.  The WalMart was in a large shopping center so the kids and I browsed around the stores until we were sleepy. We settled into Honey and slept well until morning.

A visit to FDR's residence in Hyde Park, NY

FDR Living Room

View from the Walmart parking lot

We woke early and heading to Starbuck's located across the parking lot and started our morning off with expensive but yummy cups of coffee and frappucinos before heading off to Nay Aug Park. Of course we had to visit the "Nay" park and he was excited to pose for a picture beside his name. We played and explored the park and then headed over to Steamtown. We were lucky arriving when we did because the one and only train ride for the day was at 1030a and 56 second graders on a field trip were already ahead of us in line to board. The Steamtown site was amazing and we had a really good time exploring. I highly recommend this site to anyone that has little one's that love (or even remotely like trains).

Of course we had to visit the "Nay" Aug Park.  He was so excited to pose by his name ;-)

In the Tree House at Nay Aug Park

SteamTown. Standing in front of the train for perspective.

More perspective... 

On the Train at Steamtown

The notice above the door says "Spitting is Forbidden" Wonder why they had to post that on this 1930 train?

On the Train

On the Train

"Tickets Please"

We ate lunch in the RV before getting on the road. Instead of a place I had a timeframe in mind for this drive. I told the kids I would drive until 6p. I did just that and then some.  6p came and went and I still felt great so I kept on driving. 7 and 8 rolled around, still feeling great we kept on rolling. By 1030p I had had enough with the darkness, the fog, the rain, and the scary big trucks barreling down on me so I gave up. We stopped at an exxon but I was so freaked out by my surroundings that we had to leave.  I'm not sure what it was but listening to what my loved ones tell me, I trusted my gut. We drove 11 miles down the highway to the FlyingJ Pilot I am now typing this from.

Tired but excited kids at a rest stop in West Virgina

At a rest stop in West Virginia... we were laughing at how small Honey looks compared to the behemoth beside me and all the 18 wheelers.

They said I could sleep for a couple of hours here which means I better get off of my computer and try to do just that. Until the next post, peace, love and travels!

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