Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 4 We Made it to Massachusetts (Great to See Our Friends)

Day 4 We Made it to Massachusetts!!!!

So I broke the cardinal rule and drove 488 miles yesterday. I’ve been told and have read many times that RVers should not drive more than 300 to 350 miles a day. I believe it is to avoid fatigue and to be able to enjoy the journey. However, the thought of staying another night in a campground and having to unpack and repack was just not appealing. The drive was not bad. We broke down camp the day before so around 7a I finished packing up and securing the RV and dumped the tanks and then we were off. I drove about 200 miles before stopping at Walmart in Allentown PA. We took our time getting through the store and $100 later as we walked across the parking lot we made the final decision to push on toward our friends instead of stopping for the night in Accord NY.  The drive wasn’t bad at all except for one small care. Taking the exit to get on route 202 the RV locked up on me and would not turn.  I was going, what I thought, was relatively slow at 35mph. The curve must have been to sharp for my big ole Honey and she refused to turn that wheel.  We plowed straight through the barrier before coming to a stop on the grassy area between the two on/off ramps.  Talk about shaken up! I sat there for several minutes trying to compose myself and so thankful no one was hurt. Fortunately, the next 25 miles where through the Poconos’ mountains and not on the highway.  I was able to just cruise at a very slow speed and regain confidence in my ability to drive my 25ft motorhome.

The next three hours were pretty uneventful. We drove into New York, then into Connecticut where we passed through Bridgeport and Hartford (I really liked the feel of Hartford and will add it to my list of places to explore) before entering Massachusetts. We made our way through Springfield and continued North into the mountains. The scenery was absolutely stunning. The rolling hills of the North are beautiful. We raced the sun up the mountain, it was 7:00p and I was determined to be at our destination and parked before it got dark. We made the terrifying journey up the very narrow, windy road up  the mountain VERY slowly and in the middle of the street. After my incident earlier I was very afraid of taking a turn too sharp and this time plummeting off the mountain. It was worth it though… our friends home is wonderful.  It is a two 200 year old farm house that sits on about 40 acres, high on the mountain, with views that people pay for. It is stunning.  It is so quiet and calm and peaceful. 

It was so great seeing everyone.  I can’t believe how much all the kids have grown.  It was wonderful to catch up with my friend and her family. 


The kids played and explored until it got dark then we all headed in to shower and get ready for bed.  The big kids slept in the room with their friends and Nay and I snuggled up in Honey.  The big kids got up early this morning and went to farm class with their friends while Nay and I slept in. 


I don’t know how long we’ll stay… it’s so wonderful up here that they may be kicking us off their land before we volunteer to leave it :-D. 

Our plan is to head to the beach in New Hampshire with our friends when we leave here. So the prospect of sitting by the ocean may be the only thing to entice me to leave this mountain! Until then peace, love, and travel and much love to the one I’m missing back at home.

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