Sunday, May 25, 2014

We Made it Back and Now We are Without a Plan

We are back in these grand United States and I'm happy to say we are even out of Maine (no offense to my Maine friends). Going through customs again was an interesting experience. It was much more difficult getting back into my country then it was to leave it. The customs officer ask me questions like where I had been, for how long, why, what do I do for a living, what do I teach, where are the kids father, does he know I had them out of the country, etc, etc, etc. He then searched our RV and confiscated our oranges (apparently no citrus can cross the US/ Canadian boarder... who knew?!?).

Maine was a really depressing, yet extremely beautiful, state to me. There is nothing in the state except trees, hence the huge logging industry there.  Everyday we were in the state it was cloudy and rainy. It could have been the case that it was cloudy and rainy everywhere but that didn't help the long drive alongside the millions of trees and occasional farm along the way. Miraculously as soon as we crossed over into Canada the skies were blue and the sun was shining. The same thing happened when we left Maine and drove into New Hampshire. All I could think along the way was that I completely understand where Stephen King got all of his material from and why all of his horror stories are based in Maine.

We ended up boondocking, or dry camping as some may call it, for the first time in Maine. We left Saint John, New Brunswick and made the three hour drive to Bangor. I had read online that the Bangor Walmart was friendly to RVers and was relieved when I received permission from the manager. Once we were parked we decided to explore the area and walked to a nearby Hibachi restaurant and then the kids enjoyed some Sweet Frog for dessert. When we got back to the RV I realized I had left the lights on and of course the battery was dead. A nice man who lived in his van in the Walmart parking lot must have noticed me trying to jump my battery and came over to help. He was really nice and helpful except he kept coming over to "check" on us and that was kind of creepy. We got settled in for the night and we actually slept great.

Before the food at the Hibachi Resturant
Our chef put on a great show
Stuffing their faces
Enjoying froyo after dinner

We got up and headed to our new friend's house in New Hampshire. Our friends were very welcoming and we were very glad to be there. The kids played and watched movies and ate pizza while the adults chatted over wine.  I had a wonderful time talking and laughing and sharing stories with them. I hope one day they can visit us in Charlotte but until then we look forward to seeing them next summer when we make, what the kids are calling, our annual pilgrimage here.

We packed up and headed out around 9a and after an hour and a half stop at Walmart (where I bought an awesome tire pressure gauge and air pump... so no more having to stop at truck stops to get free air) made it to our friends in Massachusetts in about two and half hours. It was a great drive and I was really impressed with how I handled Honey.

The amazing tire gauge and air pump that plugs right into my ashtray

I think I am finally comfortable with here now and no longer let her scare me. When we arrived our friends were not home an their parents were heading down the hill to grab a bite to eat.  They invited us to join so the kids and I piled in their SUV and headed to The Creamy where the kids enjoyed burgers and hotdogs and yummy ice cream.  Our friends were home by the time we got back so, of course, the kids went straight off to play. I set up camp and transformed Honey from automobile to home.

I'm about to go settle down for the evening now. My friend's mother-in-law gave me a bag of movies she was planning to donate so I plan to go snuggle up in the RV and watch some oldies but goodies (Coming to America, You Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, etc). We'll be here for a while... I'm not sure how long yet though. Perhaps a week or until we get kicked out :-D.

See that black speck? It's a hummingbird!
Hummingbird again! Beautiful birds here at the farm

When we leave here we are trying to coordinate a meet up with our RVing friends in PA then we are thinking of heading down to Tennessee to see family. So stay tuned to find out what's next!!! Until then peace, love, and travel!

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