Thursday, May 29, 2014

Days like today

Days like today

Make me never want to leave here. Being here I don't miss the sounds, sights, or hub bub of the city (and I thought I couldn't live without a descent skyline). I am so drawn to the slower pace, the quiet and peacefulness, and the views that are breathtaking each time I look out a window or step on the porch. 

The kids have been enjoying classes with their friends all week. Tuesday it was farm class, Wednesday was gymnastics and today biography class. After biography today we all went to visit Uncle Darby's pond (our friend's great uncle that literally lives right across the street). The kids  used the paddle boat and caught tadpoles (in all the different developmental stages) and newts. They also caught a really tiny squiggly thing that we put under the microscope and learned (with the help of google) that it was a gnat larvae. How amazing is that... Science at our fingertips. Impromptu learning that couldn't have been pulled from a book. 

Since we've been here, in addition to school related activities, my kids have played chase and tag, play board games, rode bikes, did crafts, read books, played imaginative games, played with baby chickens, played chase, played with dolls, come up with creative story ideas, painted, climbed trees, swung on tree swings, talked to goats, watched horses roll over, built with blocks, watched different species of birds migrate to the bird feeder, and so much more (and none of this was even school work or classes) and not been glued to their phones and game consoles and tablets. 

This is the life that I long for for my children. A slower pace of life where they are just kids doing kid things. Even though I miss the ones I love in Charlotte it's taking a lot of energy and effort to not find a house here with plenty of land and pack up and build a new life here. It's especially hard when the kids are in agreement with moving for once. Maybe I can find me some land here and start that campground I've been wanting to open (and of course part of it would have to be Averie's farm and Joshua's Airsoft field). I could get a fancy RV and live at the campground and then head south for the winter. I'm not sure where the funds would come from but where there's a will there's a way, right?

I know we'll be here for a couple more days and then we are off to continue making our way down south. We'll visit family for a while before finally heading back to Charlotte where the kids will attend camp, I can tie up some loose ends, and we can celebrate birthdays and the holidays before getting back on the road. I don't know what path we'll take to head back but I'm excited about the journey. 

Until next time follow your dreams and figure the rest out later. 

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