Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 7 and 8 New Hampshire

Day 7 and 8
Yesterday was day 7 for us. One whole week since we got on the road and it has been an amazing journey so far. 

The four days spent with our friends in their farm were so great that it was hard for me to leave. I could see us enjoying a New England life until winter (at which time we would have to get back to the south as quick as possible).  The kids enjoyed going to classes with their friends (they are still talking about the lamb they got to see be born) and playing outside and chatting with one another inside. I enjoyed the peace and quietness of the area. I thought I would miss the hustle and bustle of the city but I don't one bit. I look forward to coming back to stay a little while longer on our return from Cananda. The kids and I plan to make this our annual pilgrimage. 

We left ours friend's farm yesterday and met them in New Hampshire at their family's house (where we are at the very moment). 

On the way we stopped in Concord, Mass and visited the site of "the shot heard round the world"... The start of the revolutionary war. Concord was an interesting place. It is very historic but nothing like Williamsburg. Contemporary housing is mixed in with revolutionary period houses and structures with no clear distinction between the two. The town is cute but it see like it could capilatize on its history a bit more. 
In front of the British soldiers grave in Concord, Mass

The Joshua Brooks House from 1727... of course we had to visit!

Averie showing us the biggest dandelion we have ever seen

The evening was great. Each family has three kids and all nine played wonderfully together. The adults sat in the kitchen while the kids ran around us and we chatted over four bottles of wine. Their stories of growing up in the area were great. Their accents were wonderful. Their kindness was immeasurable.  I really enjoyed their company. The kids and I headed to Honey, who was parked in the back hard, around 945p and snuggled in and watched a movie. We were all asleep by 11p (even me... The wine had kicked in by this time!). 

Today was wonderful. We ventured to Rye beach with our friends. What I learned is that New England beaches are vastly different from southern beaches... the beaches are rocky here. Rye beach was gorgeous! After the beach we visited Portsmouth, a village type town here in New Hampshire.  I fell in LOVE with that town. If it wasn't for the snow that they get here I would be looking for real estate here :-D

The "moms" at Rye beach

The kids at the beach
The youngest girls

One of the items on Joshua's bucket list was to eat fresh lobster from the coast... today he crossed that off of his list.
at the Gas Light where Joshua ate his first lobster... The food was amazing
Some amazing "wall art"
More amazing "wall art"
And more

The bridge to Maine

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  1. Its GREAT "seeing" you guys! It sounds like you are having a WONDERFUL time. I can't wait to hear more about your adventure. Safe travels!